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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Hey MysTifiers, It is officially 2020. Aside from doing some personal develop, studying the voice, performing and pushing my limits as a vocalist, I have been teaching others how to sing. It truly is one of the most joyous jobs on this planet. Over the years I have developed unbreakable bonds with aspiring singers, musicians and music lovers.

It has been some time now where I havent been as active on social media and here is why; 8 years ago I had a vision to one day open an academy. This music academy would offer programs that were tailored to specific needs of vocalists. In addition, vocalists would have access to theoretical knowledge and performing opportunities. After years of researching and perfecting this vision, I have officially opened my own academy and I am the proud founder of 'Rise Academy of Music'

Our Vision

The inception of Rise Academy of Music was envisioned in 2012 with the intention of creating an academy that encompasses all areas of music for all levels of music ability including, aspiring musicians and performing artists.

Our Mission

Rise Academy of Music believes in providing opportunities for all ages and music abilities with a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and skills required to discover their full potential both musically and within their personal life.

Our Practices

Our teaching practices incorporate a growth mindset approach to encourage students to overcome internal barriers that prevent or prolong their ability to reach their full potential.

We offer a differentiated tutoring approach to teaching and learning to ensure we tailor programs and resources that address the individual needs of the students.

We officially opened our academy on January 15, 2020 and I cannot believe the success it has had in just under 8 weeks! There are some big plans in store for our academy but it starts with the smallest steps.

Thank you to everyone who has shown great support, love and provided amazing feedback for the long awaited dream!

Rise above and love,

Mys T

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