All Together Now - Mys T as a Top 100 Judge

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Hey Mystifiers,

It has been a long time coming and I am long overdue for an update with you all. Its been a minute since I have spoken to you but the good news is we have a lot to talk about.

Since my Masters Graduation blog I have been busy writing new songs, working as a vocal coach with over 40 students and I can finally announce that this year I will be a part of The 100 Judging Panel on the new show on Seven called All Together Now featuring Ronan Keating and the stunning Julia Zemiro.

It has been an experience let me tell you and I cant wait for you all to see the amazing talent that will be hitting that stage and coming to your screens later on this year! I cant wait to tell you all about it in more detail when it airs but for now I will leave you with this teaser.

Thank you to all those who have shown constant love, support and encouragement during the worst and best of times. Your support is appreciated and never forgotten. Lets go get em!

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