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All Together Now Australia


Mys T will be on your television screens as a part of The 100 brilliant and spectacular judging panel. "All Together Now" will be airing later on this year. Its a show you wont want to miss! 


Marshmello & Anne-Marie - FRIENDS (Opposite Perspective) | Mys T Cover


Mys T is known for her take on songs, her restyles and putting her own spin on well known chart toppers. Check this one out!


Mys T - Vocal Showreel


Get a taste of Mys T's talent and passion through this collated video and showreel. For bookings email us at

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R.O.S.E - Jessie J #rosechallenge | Mys T

I wanted to challenge myself with this one. I brought it upon myself to listen to Jessie J's R.O.S.E Challenge and write something that would resonate with myself and the world. This live recording took an unsuspected turn both for myself and the audience but wanted to leave it in as to showcase the raw emotion that singing brings.


Big Mistake (2018) | Short Film by Ciccone Productions


A foolish purse snatcher preys on a young innocent girl in the park thinking she's an easy target.....Big Mistake!