Many of you and my MysTifiers have been asking me when I will be releasing my own collection of music. After much support and persistance from you all, I have finally decided to start a GoFundMe project to help raise the funds needed to release my first official single. The thought alone is quite exciting and scary but im willing to give it a shot. So now MysTifiers the single you have all been waiting for is in your hands. All it takes is a $1 most to help contribute to this fund and anything more is greatly appreciated. So spread the word, create revenue and I hope I can finally release my new music to you all. Lets do this!

Whats entailed.

Recording 1 track with full band and producing
1 x 12 hour recording day in studio 2: $950+GST
2 x 8 hour overdub / mix days in studio 6: $980+GST
Produvers production fee: $1,200+GST
Mastering: $210+GST per track
Package cost: $4,540+GST