Mys T : My Motivation...

[Mys T] Tina, I only share what is true. You are a gem. Keep moving as you do and always remember it is all about what we are being in life not the outcomes. You are a beautiful talented young woman and I’m so happy to have known you. We adore you. You are a bright light and it’s so lovely to watch you shine
— Elle Wilson from Brow Artist International
Michael Hutchences’ death was the day the music died for me. Since his first album shaboo shabah...through to the big swing and kick in the mid eighties...I thought I would make a career in the music industry! I couldn’t sing if my life depended on it unfortunately so I invested in the best walkmans, consoles and speakers and was “instrumental” in setting up the first school radio station at the time called 2CV. On weekends I would hopping to save up for better equipment to expand the empire etc lol. His sudden and premature death was like losing Elvis in 77...all over again. I started listening to talkback AM radio...just to get away from the music on my then favorite triple M and triple J stations. I’m sure this is getting boring for you so I’ll cut to the chase!
Since hearing your very first cover and clicking on links that sent me to have reintroduced music into my life. I now listen to commercial FM stations instead of talkback. I’m reconnected! I’ve even started to buy my wife CDs again...Elle Goulding Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran to name a few. Moral of the story dont have to be a diva or make it big time to have a small or profound impact on someone’s life. Oh yeah...I have Tina Alcorace on my Playlist too!!!
— Domenic Cammareri from Sydney,Australia
Your Bruno Mars covers are fantastic.
Off to listen to my Tina Alcorace EP because it’s Friday and your music fills me with happiness and joy, I just instantly feel comforted by your voice
— Justin Boyd from Victoria, Australia
[Masterpiece Video] Amazing voice! Jessie J would be proud! You are a talented young lady & deserve all Credit for the Rain ++ Vocals ++ Wardrobe. This Video rocked. Keep pushing young lady! ... I believe in you !!
— Chuck Douglas