MYS T [pronounced: Miss - T]

Definition of MysTified:  

"transitive verb: 1. to perplex the mind of : bewilder, 2: to make mysterious or obscure"


As a qualified music teacher, vocal coach and professional artist, Sydney based vocalist and songwriter Mys T has been inspiring and capturing audiences for over 15 years. She has been writing songs, releasing music, performing and making a name for herself in the cyber world with over half a million views and climbing. Her smooth, soulful and eclectic vocals along with her expressive qualities make her a force to be reckoned with. Years of continuous labor and tenacity has lead the songstress to work alongside some of the most talented musicians in the industry.

In 2008, her growing fanbase, known as the Mystifiers,  a team of loyal, respectable and supportive listeners to her music. Acknowledging this support, Mys T continues to conquer by appearing and working on various radio stations and television shows such as Young Talent Time, Australia’s Got Talent, Australian Idol, XFactor and The Voice Australia.  

With a Bachelor in Contemporary Performance and a Masters in Teaching (Music) along with an impressive resume, Mys T continues to share her vast knowledge and skills with aspiring singers, making her an inspirational and professional artist. In 2018, Mys T utilised her skills and knowledge by appearing as a judge on the upcoming show All Together Now which will be airing on Channel 7 later this year.

Mys T will always be a student to music and will continue to build her empire with humility, passion, hard work and fierce determination.



"MysT represents the inner confidence we all have. My mission as an artist is to encourage, inspire, motivate and most of all, I want to show the world that YOU will always be enough. That YOU can change the world. ..."

MysT is the Mystery: she's can be fierce, she can be sassy: you just have to see for yourself.  Her charisma inspires others to lead like a lion, stay on a clear path and have a raging fire that is always fighting to win. Give her a microphone and you'll understand what it means to be Mystified.



©  2015 Marcello Picerni

© 2015 Marcello Picerni

Our "Angel Winged Lion" logo is a representation of what we are all about.  Much like MysT, MysT Productions reflects a sassy elegance that is fuelled by a fiery passion and determination. We want to encourage others to stay humble, be themselves, develop their own wings and soar!