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Hey Mystifiers,

It has been a long time coming and I am long overdue for an update with you all. Its been a minute since I have spoken to you but the good news is we have a lot to talk about. Since my Masters Graduation blog I have been busy writing new songs, working as a vocal coach with over 40 students and I can finally announce that this year I will be a part of The 100 Judging Panel on the new show on Seven called All Together Now featuring Ronan Keating and the stunning Julia Zemiro. 

It has been an experience let me tell you and I cant wait for you all to see the amazing talent that will be hitting that stage and coming to your screens later on this year! I cant wait to tell you all about it in more detail when it airs but for now I will leave you with this teaser. 

Thank you to all those who have shown constant love, support and encouragement during the worst and best of times. Your support is appreciated and never forgotten. Lets go get em!











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What a year!

Well I blinked and 2017 is coming to a close. What a year!

The journey has had its ups and downs this year and I honestly wouldnt have it any other way. 

This year my candles business Mystified Candles has flourished, I have had the pleasure of teaching aspiring singers and future graduates and in November became another graduate. I am proud to say you are now looking at not only a professional vocalist, but a Master in Secondary Teaching with a double method in Music from UNSW. It was a tough year but this accomplishment has taught me a lot, and has brought me a step closer to the overall goal. This month I was also in the Top 50 of the Worldwide/International competition called Megastar created by Usher Raymond. I have met a lot of talented people along the way and I look forward to collaborating with them in future.

Whats the plan for 2018 you ask?

As always, there will be plenty of YouTube videos coming your way, two days a week. I also hope to build my own vocal studio (name show remain disclosed for now), plan to continue and build Mystified Candles, and start producing my original songs!

It has been in the making for some time now and I look forward to finally getting the ball rolling! I also have some exciting news for 2018 which I cannot wait to announce in the New Year. It was an unexpected opportunity I cannot wait to share with you all.

Thank you Mystifers for continuing to follow my journey and for supporting all that I am and believe in thus far. It truly is a blessing and I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do. Each day I work harder and continue to learn in hopes to be the best performer I can be. 

Live the dream and as always,

Rise above and love
Mys T x

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I'm back! What 2017 has in store

Hey Everyone,

I am officially writing to you to say a quite belated Happy New Year! I will admit that it has been a long time coming and thought I would fill you all in on what has been happening. 

Since my last exciting post, I have been through a roller-coaster of opportunities that have assisted in my growth, development, wisdom and experience in life and music.

Throughout the years of having you all a part of my life I have obtained a Bachelor of Contemporary performance and this year, will be completing my intensive Masters Degree in Secondary Teaching. This past year has challenged me emotionally, mentally and physically. It has tested my capabilities and questioned my abilities towards challenging tasks.

The biggest realization I have come to learn through this current experience is my love for being a vocalist, songwriting and performer. This experience has sharpened by visions for the future in both my professional and personal life. It is currently my goal to share my experiences with other aspiring musicians whilst sharpening up my own skills as a performer, performing live around Sydney with other talented and well-known musicians. 

When the social media doors are closed I am still writing and producing songs, working with and meeting extraordinarily talented producers, coaches and musicians, and I am currently in the process of building a vocal empire where other talented and aspiring vocalists can come together to discover their full potential.

There are some very exciting things coming up this year both in social media and live in public but will not be giving anything away just yet...

I thank you all for supporting me on this journey and ask you to be patient as everything comes to fruition. It will be worth the wait.

Rise above and love,

Mys T x 


Live @ Hawksbury Radio on 89.9FM with Scotty
Scott and Mys T at the Hawksbury Radio Booth

Scott and Mys T at the Hawksbury Radio Booth

Mys T Djing in the Radio Booth

Mys T Djing in the Radio Booth

The day before my birthday I got the chance to sit in the studio at Hawksbury Radio at 89.9FM and be a special guest with Scotty. It was an amazing experience and I had a great time talking with Scotty and informing the locals about my upcoming plans, my inspirations and various other passions of mine. I was able to sit behind the mic in the studio and experience first hand what its like to be a radio host and DJ. The hour flew and I mark this experience as my first official radio interview; one of many I hope. My goals as an artist are large and I visualise myself living this lifestyle on a daily basis. Being able to inspire others, set an example, share the talent given to me to the world and
most of all, being able to connect with thousands of
people around the world through the power of music.

Thank you Scotty for inviting me to co-host the morning with you and for giving me the chance to introduce myself to the locals of Hawkesbury and the majority of Western Sydney. I was humbled by the experience and its a memory I hope to revisit one day and say "that was the day that marked one of many of many amazing experiences".  Thank you for not only supporting my career, but believing in my visions, goals and aspirations. I hope to spread the music and one day will hopefully be able to give you an original album to play! It's been a working progress since 16, 40+ songs written on many sources of material and I patiently work toward making them a mastered and
finished product. In the meantime, I shall continue
to improve my craft, learn, grow and as always....

Rise above and love,

Mys T xx

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My Journey So Far Starting with a fun shoot @ NMI Imports


Thanks to NMI Imports, Gino Nalini from Gino Nalini Photography and Andrea Moschetti from Hair and Make-Up by Andrea, I had a fantastic day in the studio. Showing some versatility and style I was able to showcase four outfits that demonstrated that girl next door, the business woman, the classy woman and edgy rocker. A great combination that allowed me to showcase the sides of Mys T. The photo-shoot was accompanied by many laughs and music to suit the shoot including Destiny's Child, Beyonce, Jessie J, Old school jazz and ending the shoot with some Slash and Guns and Roses. I had a great experience and had the chance to get a sneak peak into next seasons collection at NMI Imports. Some beautiful designs I'm sure you shoe lovers out there won't be able to resist. It was great to be in the studio again and it allow me to give you all a sneak peek into my current journey.

If you wanna check out what we got up to at the NMI Photoshoot, check it out below

In other news, there are 23 days left on the KickStarter Fund and I'm not liking my chances, but I'm remaining hopeful. Everything happens for a reason and one way or another I promise to deliver Mys T's music to you, hopefully in the near future. Also under works is a project that is sure to get you all excited. I am working with a great team of passionate musicians that are ready to take the Sydney circuit by storm. Hours of rehearsals and songlists are underway and I can't wait to introduce you all to the great news! In the meantime, since my audition on The Voice Australia has aired I am now getting back to covering some great songs for you on YouTube, so please if you have a song request you would like to hear me sing whether its old, new, classical or rap, let me know. During the down time on social networks there has been a lot of work going on behind closed doors that involve creating, evolving, designing, singing, writing, rehearsing, brainstorming and planning my next move. I believe hard work pays off and the right people can encourage and be a valuable blessing on the road to success.

Rise above and love

Mys T xx

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Mys T Sings Lips Are Movin | The Voice Australia 2015

My experience of the Blind Auditions on The Voice Australia 2015 began at 3:45am. After a solid 8 hours sleep it was time to get up and prepare for the big performance ahead. After a protein fueled breakfast and a vocal warm-up I was on my way to Fox Studios. At 5:15am it was time to meet the amazing team, say hello to the other contestants and get ready. The day started off with a second breakfast provided by Shine Australia and then it was straight into hair and makeup. The morning included a photo-shoot , makeup and hair, wardrobe, sound-check, interviews and live updates on today's schedule. Shortly after the wardrobe, hair and makeup we were taken to lunch where The Voice Team provided a delicious and healthy lunch for us all. Tea and coffee as well as room temperature water bottles were also provided for the vocalists.

The morning was a surreal moment for me as for every second I was there, I was trying to come to terms that I had this amazing opportunity to perform on The Voice stage in front of some of the best musicians in the business. My vocals had its challenges throughout the day and it was my job to keep my voice warm with plenty of hot tea and water. After waiting with the rest of the contestants and my family for a while, the excitement and nerves kicked in after I was told I would be the second artist to perform on the show. Immediately welcomed with a dry throat and nerves, drinking water and making frequent stops to the bathroom was a common move for the time being.

Around 1pm now , the first five artists to perform were driven to the stage where we would sit in the green room. With only about 15-20 minutes to go, it was my chance to do as much warming up as possible. Breaking out with some rap to help with diction and some trills/lip rolls. I made the most out of that time I was given to prepare myself. With about 15 minutes to go and mentally prepare myself, a stop to the bathroom was a must. I was escorted to the bathroom and within 2 minutes of arriving at the bathroom I was, plans had changed and I was called on stage. In a quick hurry the crew and I were running from one building to another to get on that stage. Now standing at that stage door I found myself trying to catch my breath and contain myself. Running is great exercise but wasn't ideal in this situation. With the challenge at hand I took some deep breaths, shook out the nerves and before I knew it, I was on that stage singing a fast paced song which needed much oxygen I was running quite short of.

The challenge was accepted and as they say 'the show must go on'. Remembering to have fun and feel the song, I did the best possible performance I could have given the circumstances and knew it wasn't the best performance. I am my own worst critic and I knew that I wouldn't be able to deliver the song as I did in sound-check. Based on my performance Jessie J was spot on and my lack of breath support caused a domino effect on my performance including pitch, placement or tone and overall performance. What Australia didn't see or hear was what had been said after my performance. After my performance and the initial introduction Jessie J knew that the song suggested to sing on The Voice was not my usual style, and on that stage asked me to sing another song.  After breaking out an Alicia Keys hit I was told by Ricky Martin and Jessie J that I had a lot of passion and said they would both like me to come back next year. Jessie J, the woman I admire had also said she could relate as she was once in the same position and was able to provide a quick coaching session on that stage.  The circumstances prior to my audition caused a result that was not in my favour.

However, I refuse to see the opportunity I had as a letdown. I made it to the Top 130 of The Voice Australia this season out of thousands of auditionees, got to audition in front of a nation and the best people in the industry, got some priceless feedback from Jessie J and Ricky and, have been invited back next year. If I had got into The Voice this year I wouldn't have taken a year off to pursue my technique and work on my artistry, I wouldn't have built my website and I wouldn't of had the knowledge I have now obtained to better myself. I have learned from this experience and will apply everything I have improved and learnt on next year's performance and every opportunity that comes in between.

Thanks to my coach Ken Tamplin I have also coined the phrase "failing forward". Whether you fail or succeed, it is a step forward regardless whether it's a lesson or opportunity. No matter how good or great I am or may become, I'll always be a working progress. The Voice experience reminded me of how much I love what I do, how much I'm willing to work hard and despite all the naysayers, will never stop singing and keep pursuing.

Through every challenge and opportunity we must always...

Rise above and love,

Mys T xx

Fashion Week 2015 with Brow Artists International


I had the privilege to attend this years Fashion Week for Brow Artists International. It was nice to meet the beautiful ladies and find out why brows are not a fashion statement, but a beauty statement! Thanks ladies for having me and for the love and support!

Fashion Week 2015 with MysT and Brow Artists International

Now AVAILABLE for Pre-Order! Get your Mys T shirt today!

Song: Pretty Girls
Artist: Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea
© 2015 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


Rise above and love,

Mys T

Officially a Graduate!

After 3 years of hard-work and dedication I have officially graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Contemporary Music.


My life is and has always revolved around music and I have every intention to continue growing and learning as an artist. I intend to be the best I can be and I am so happy to be sharing this moment with you all! There may be a Masters and PhD degree in the near future but in the meantime, I intend to put my heart and soul into being the best artist I can be for you all! My success and motivation wouldn't be possible without the love, encouragement and support you have all shown throughout the years. Thank you! Its been a rough couple of weeks, I have been ill for a month but I am finally on the mend and will be back on my feet real soon. Lots has been happening while Ive been 'under the radar' but I promise the wait will be worth it! I hope you are all ready, I'll be back and stronger than ever!

Rise above and love,

MysT xx

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